Production of our PP container

In producing our PP container, we committed to delivering to our customers with the highest quality PP container at a very competitive price while at the same time not forgetting our social corporate responsibility by minimizing the impact of our production on the environment.

Our production facility is strategically located in the capital of the country i.e. Kuala Lumpur and close to the sea port i.e. Port Klang in order to maximize the efficiency of the supply chain. There is a well established physical and services infrastructure in the location which our production facility is located. Our management cost is also greatly reduced via just-in-time management of raw materials based on our long standing relationship with our trusted suppliers. In addition, the transport network around the production facility is very well established which reduces our lead time and transport cost. We are able therefore able to meet the high demands of our customers at a short lead time.

We recognize the need to be competitive in our pricing in order to maintain the market share of our PP container product. Nonetheless, we also recognize that pricing competitiveness must not be at the expense of quality of our products. This is why long standing industrial experience is very important . We are able to harness our technical expertise based on our experience of 30 years in the injection moulding industry to optimize our production i.e. increase output , by minimizing the cycle time of the machine thus increasing the efficiency of our production. A high output in a short period of time is necessary in order to meet the great demand of consumers. Tools for production are also built and repair by our in house tooling personnel.

This ensures that our PP containers are produced in a cost effective manner which produces higher output while consuming minimal energy. The impact of the production process on the environment is thus reduced.