Manufacturing Facilities

Our newly set up facility in Kuala Lumpur houses brand new moulding machines used to produce the highest quality products with the greatest efficiency while our Tooling Manufacturing Department just outside Kuala Lumpur allows us to design and manufacture our own tools as well as custom make tools according to customers’ request.

By combining our vast industry experience with the latest technology at our new facilities, we are able to produce high quality products with great efficiency at a competitive pricing. Our approach is 3 pronged:-

  1. Utilization of latest technology. We have invested in new facilities and high end machines with greater efficiency, less down time, higher accuracy and lower energy consumption.
  2. Technical Expertise. Backed by the vast injection moulding experience of our key personnel, we are able to optimize our production capacity by minimizing the cycle time of our high end machines thus lowering energy consumption, increasing output and efficiency.
  3. Management Expertise. Our operational cost is greatly reduced by practicing “Just-in-time” management system where materials are ordered based on demands. This is supported by our long standing relationship with local material suppliers which ensure that we are constantly able to meet our customer’s high quantities and urgent demand while keeping our cost low at the same time.

This all translates to lower cost and competitive pricing for our customers.

Finally, our location in Kuala Lumpur is a strategic manufacturing location near Port Klang which is recognized as a central distribution point. This ensures that we are able to keep our transport cost low and lead time short.